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21 Alternative Christmas Trees to Try This Year

alternative Christmas tree

For the record, alternative Christmas trees are not your average Christmas tree

Green trees strung with lights, loaded with dazzling ornaments, and skirted by presents below are lovely and traditional.

However, why not splurge for an alternative Christmas tree that can be just as stunning, unique, and festive?

The shape and concept are the same, but the design elements are individual, create a striking statement, and are sure to be memorable!

Be inspired by these memorable 19 alternative Christmas trees that are not your average Christmas tree!

1. Twigs and lights

Hunt down twigs from your garden and combine with a zig-zagged strand of lights. This simple, natural alternative Christmas tree design still allows for ornaments and even a star on top!

2. Balls and Hoops

The ringed hoops design a typical Christmas tree shape, and the balls fashion as ornaments.

But when you add a spot light below, you add in the wow-factor! This statement alternative tree will forever remain in your Christmas memories.

from decoist

from decoist

3. Library Tree

Calling all book lovers! I have officially ruined traditional Christmas trees because none can compare to a tree composed of your favorite bound books.

The crisp paper, worn edges, and colorful spines will melt your heart when lit up by a string of lights.

4. Alternative Pallet Tree

Have a pallet lying around? Then you’re in the works for the perfect rustic alternative Christmas tree.

White wash it for some holiday cheer. Fashion string lights into the shape of a tree. Hang your favorite baubles, a star topper, and even a trunk for a more natural look.

This would dress up any porch with holiday spirit!

5. Alternative Tree made of Sticks and Twigs

Chopping wood for your fireplace but have a bunch of leftover twigs? Don’t burn them!

Align them along a dowel or board to form a natural, outdoorsy alternative tree.

Can you imagine how cozy this would look next to a roaring fire?

from welke

from welke

6. Teepee Tree

Kids of all ages will find this teepee tree a hit! A simple design that still offers greenery, lights, and ornaments. Minimalists and tiny apartment dwellers, this is the best alternative tree for you!

from jublitree

from jublitree

7. Bulleting Board Ornament Tree

Is your office lacking some Christmas cheer? Have a small room without floor space for a traditional tree?

Why not tack colorful ornaments on a fancy bulletin board in the shape of a tree.

This would also be perfect for an elderly relative who can’t handle a large tree but still desires to decorate their home for the holidays!

8. Snowman Alternative Tree

Can you look at this Snowman and not smile? Probably not! A children’s room or play area wouldn’t be complete without this snowman tree!

9. Hanging Baubles

Grab your fishing line and favorite baubles! Strung from above, this alternative tree would be perfect in your living room or entryway with raised ceilings!

Imagine the look on your guests face when they see this beauty of art! (Jaws drop, eyes buldge, and hearts stop!)

10. Pallet Tower Tree

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably done a pallet project or two (or 10…but who’s counting?!).

All of those leftover bits and pieces can compile the craftiest alternative Christmas tree!

11. Vintage Window Alternative Christmas Tree

Transform your decorative windows and doors for the holiday season. Attach colorful ornaments and baubles to the screen in the shape of a tree!

12. Chalkboard Christmas Tree

If you don’t have a wall covered with chalkboard paint, you should reconsider.

The beauty of chalkpaint means the entire wall becomes your canvas! Draft an image of your dream Christmas tree, then get to work making it a reality!

from a leg up

from a leg up

13. Dress Tree

Seamstresses, bridal shops, and department stores need this alternative tree!

Topped with a dress and Christmas patterned-belt, but the train flows with greenery and pinecones.

14. Beer Bottle Tree

Show your husband some love by filling his man cave with a beer bottle Christmas tree!

Save the bottles throughout the year or throw a massive bash to gather them all.

Layer glass/cardboard rings between the rows for balance. Every man within your city will be driving by with envy!

from imagur

from imagur

15. Vintage Ladder Christmas Tree

Have some ladders in your home already? Use them for Christmas time, too! Spread boards along the rungs to form the tree outline.

String lights along the wood, and decorate with the sytle of your choice.

Why not display your Christmas village on your vintage ladder!

16. Tall Vintage Ladder Ornament Tree

Instead of laying boards along the ladder rungs, dangle ornaments from the rungs. Place a jumbo star on top, and your alternative tree is complete!

17. Spiralized Christmas Tree

Start with a large circle of metal. Cut a spiral along and bend until your spiral resembles a tree shape.

Attach lights, ornaments, or festive bows, then hang from the ceiling. This would perfectly fill up an empty corner for the holiday season.

18. Burned Wood Christmas Tree

Gather your wood burning tools! This darkened tree makes a stunning statement piece.

I adore how the flashy ornaments add seasonal flare without distracting from the artwork.

19. A-Frame Alternative Tree

Modern yet cabin-cozy. Design an a-frame alternative Christmas tree with hanging ornaments.

This would look perfect on a front porch or on a mantle.

Feel free to stand up your a-frame tree, or hang it on the wall!

20. Burplap Trees

Burlap (and golden beads) look like they were made to be on these mini tree! By why stick with a mini tree?

Experiment with larger sizes and various items. Alternate with burlap and lace, for example, would add to your rustic Christmas look, while beads and pine cones would be traditional and natural.

21. Cactus Christmas Tree

What Christmas is complete without a cactus Christmas tree?

What are your favorite Alternative Christmas trees? Have you done one in your home that was a big hit? Or did you attend a holiday event with a memorable tree?

Share your favorite ideas with us, and feel inspired to be bold and unconventional!

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