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Painted Vanity Desk

Virginia from LiveLoveDIY is a super frugal gal who loves thrift store excursions. On one of her trips, she came across a little, outdated wooden desk for $20. It reminded Virginia of a gorgeous $2000 vanity she’d just seen at Crate &Barrel. Virginia knew just what to do and transformed the piece with some high gloss black paint and a sleek chrome handle.


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Sunburst Mirror

Cheryl from That’s What {Che} Said was shopping at Hobby Lobby when she came across a sunburst mirror that she loved. It was way overpriced, so Cheryl continued on down the aisle to stumble upon a candle holder for $4 that boasted the same “sunbursts” as the mirror. The repurposing project came to life even better than Cheryl expected and was way cheaper at only $10.

sunburst mirror from candle holder

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Stenciled Curtains

I am simply loving my new painted curtains and am not the only one who has had success with this money-saving option. Eleni from Fields of Basil wanted cheerful curtains with a splash of color and found them, but of course they came at a steep price. Instead, Eleni stenciled her own. I love the pattern she created!

stenciled curtains

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Framed Number Art

Right after seeing a set of numbered frames from Pottery Barn, Jeanine from Okio B Designs found some similar oval frames at a local thrift store. Don’t you love when it works out like that! Jeanine stenciled numbers onto fabric and popped them into her frames for a knockoff that cost her only $4!

framed number art

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Jo Totes Camera Bag Giveaway

If you own a DSLR camera and have lots of lenses you have to have some sort of bag to carry and store all it in.  The totes from Jo Totes are adorable, and believe it or not, they are reasonably priced compared to many of the purse-like camera bags I have seen out there.  They range in price between $87-$119. Think Christmas!


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Oversized Wall Flashcard

Trina from A Few Miner Adjustments turned a piece of luan from her garage into an oversized flashcard for her living room wall. All it took was some paint and vinyl to create this décor that was ideal for a household of teachers. I love this idea for a playroom too and think a set of flashcards would be a great way to decorate a large wall on a dime.

diy flashcard wall art

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Beachy Shell Wreath

You may have shells from summer beach trips that you are trying to figure out what to do with now. Before you stuff them in a drawer or closet to be forgotten, check out this wreath made by Kelly at The Lily Pad Cottage. Kelly knocked off a $139 shell wreath from Ballard for a few bucks with some decorative sisal and a wreath form she had on hand. She’s going to be one happy gal when she busts out her beautiful bargain wreath next summer.

beachy shell wreath

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Silver Painted Lamp

When Virginia from Live Love DIY found an outdated lamp at the thrift store with a dingy white base and pleather lampshade, she saw the potential for it to become a real knock out. Some silver spray paint gave the base a more modern look and a satin ribbon added extra oomph to a plain shade. Virginia says, “The whole project took less than 30 minutes, and my little $3 thrift store lamp has been transformed into a high-style lamp you would find in any home store for about $40-$50!”

pb inspired silver lamp

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Painted Stripe Curtains

As I recently shared on Infarrantly Creative, I am changing things up in my family room after about ten years of the same color scheme. My first big undertaking was painting striped curtains. Considering color, pattern, price, and length, I always have trouble finding just the right curtains, so painting my own was the perfect option. I absolutely love how they came out and cannot believe the difference they make!

painted stripe curtains

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