Archives for January 2012

Wall Display Shelf

Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic built these fabulous 8-foot-long shelves for her son’s bedroom. I know you love them because I sure do! If you’ve been wanting to ease yourself into building and take on a simple project, this is the one for you. According to Whitney, these shelves are a cinch to build and […Read More]

Fruit Wall Art

Gwen at Gwenny Penny shared some artwork she created a few years ago to hang above her daughter’s kitchen set in the playroom. Each canvas square features a piece of fruit that Gwen made using templates and different colors and patterns of scrapbook paper. Gwen’s knockoff wall art looks every even more bright, vibrant, and […Read More]

Wishbone Plate

When Carrie from Making Lemonade was prepping for her Thanksgiving dinner, she was inspired to create a whimsical plate for the wishbone or just some holiday goodies. Carrie’s plate only cost her $2.99 and was very simple to make with a paint pen. Carrie traced the wishbone onto the plate and freehanded her lettering, which […Read More]

Kids Craft Table

As my regular readers know, I am all about taking something that is old and giving it new life. So imagine my excitement over how Meg from Revamp Homegoods transformed a coffee table from her college days into a Land of Nod inspired activity table complete with hanging buckets and a paper roll. With its […Read More]

Origami Pillow Cover

Aimee from Twigg Studios was inspired to create a felt pillow that offers a neutral look with lots of texture. Plus it’s super cheap and easy to make, requiring just some felt and sewing skill. Amy’s soft folds and pleats came out just as lovely as those of her inspiration. Aimee was inspired by the […Read More]

Kids Craft Organizer

You have probably seen different renditions of Pottery Barn Kid’s cute little spinning craft organizers. I love this upcycled version by Jennifer from Monkey See, Monkey Do! Jennifer used all materials that she had on hand, including an old cake pan, empty baby food jars, and paint. I don’t know about Jennifer’s little two-year-old, but […Read More]

Reclaimed Wood Ledge

Brittney from My Suite Bliss wanted a big distressed ledge just like the one she’d seen from Pottery Barn, but most definitely not enough to pay $399 for it! Instead, Brittney did what any brilliant DIYer would do – found some reclaimed wood on Craigslist and then made it herself for less than $15. Her […Read More]

Rooms For Rent Sign

This piece of artwork created by Clydia at Three Mango Seeds is the perfect wall décor for a guest room. I love the quaint feel of the planked wood and distressed finish. Just like staying in a cozy bed-and-breakfast! Clydia handpainted her sign by creating her lettering on the computer and then using a pencil […Read More]

Felt Valentine Envelopes

Brooke from The Crafting Chicks loves to make Valentine’s Day special for her family. Last year she created adorable felt envelopes perfect for slipping her kiddos love notes and sweet treats. Brooke even has “love mail” printables to help you get started on sharing your sentiments with your little sweeties. Brooke was inspired by the […Read More]