Archives for June 2011

Alphabet Art Wood Plaques

Jaime from That’s My Letter created some alphabet artwork for a couple who is expecting their first baby. Jaime arranged alphabet cards on three pieces of plywood that were first painted and lightly distressed. I love how she added the brown ink to the edges for a vintage look and attached the cards with carpet […Read More]

Lingerie Trimmed Sheets and Ruched Pillow

Beth from Free Stylin’ offers a decorative use for some of the “underutilized” lingerie that may be tucked away in one of your drawers. She reused the satin from a nightgown to trim some inexpensive pillow cases and sew a ruched pillow. The silky and lacey materials of lingerie are perfect for adding some romance […Read More]

Hand Painted Nautical Pillows

When Heather from Fake-It Frugal hit the jackpot on some fabric, pillow inserts, and beaded trim at a flea market, she knew it was time to whip up some nautical pillows. First she sewed the pillow cover, inserted the pillows, and then glued on some of the trim. Now this is where it gets fun! […Read More]

Rolling Cart Coffee Table

Whitney at Shanty 2 Chic wanted a coffee table that resembled the old time factory carts used to move supplies across the factory floor. Of course, these cost a pretty penny to purchase. (I’m sure none of those factory workers would ever believe that the carts would one day be selling for over $1,ooo a […Read More]

White Daybed with Geometric Design

Ohdeedoh featured this modern daybed that was originally posted by one of Ana White’s readers. Can you believe she made this for only $50?!? It is almost a perfect match to West Elm’s version. I love the functionality of daybeds since they double as seating. They offer a great solution for multi-purpose spaces like offices […Read More]

Industrial Metal and Wood Desk

Shannon from {aka}|design had the ideal spot for a desk and knew just what she wanted to fill it – a rustic industrial table. Since this would be an expensive piece to purchase, Shannon is blessed to have a hubby who works in metal manufacturing and was willing to give up a Saturday to make […Read More]

Colorful Zigzag Throw Pillow

Calli from Make it Do created the perfect pillow for adding a subtle touch of fun and color to your space. The zigzags definitely take the spotlight, and Calli makes them look so simple to create in her tutorial. Calli’s color and pattern choices are totally workin’ for me here, as they lend a softness […Read More]

Children’s Art Cable Display

Children’s artwork can create the perfect wall décor. Not only is it bright and cheery, but kids love having their artistic creations on display. It also warms your heart every time you see it like no piece of store bought art ever could. Amy from Positively Splendid shares how she created these cute cable displays […Read More]