Archives for April 2011

Glass Vase Table Lamp

Aaron from The Thrifty Abode turned a glass vase she’s owned for years into a chic new table lamp. Since she already had the vase and shade on hand, she only had to purchase the lamp kit and a drill bit to get the cord through the bottom, making the project total $18.00. I am […Read More]

Beach Wall Shadowboxes

Charlie from Attempting Aloha created these shadowboxes with various beach items reminiscent of their home in Hawaii. (Jealous? Yes, me too.) I am all about a home being about the people who live in it, so I love the fact that this decor has some sentimental meaning. Charlie’s original inspiration was from the Shell Shadowbox […Read More]

Embellished Teen Message Board

Lori from Thrifty Décor Mom created this bulletin board for her teenage daughter’s room when she begged for the PB Teen one that retails at $405.00. Although her daughter’s initial reaction was far from pleased, she soon realized that her mom’s knock-off rivals the catalog version (not to mention it cost $375.00 less)! It is […Read More]

Personalized Wooden Easter Caddies

Carrie from My Creative Escapes followed Ana White’s toolbox plans to build not one, not two, but seven of these adorable wooden caddies for her children, nieces, and nephews to use as Easter baskets. The best part? It cost her only $2 to build all seven of them. Carrie only had to buy the dowels, […Read More]

Distressed Rope Pull Dresser

One of the last big projects Kim from Too Much Time on My Hands completed for her son’s vintage airplane room was this distressed dresser with rope pulls. The project involved sanding (and sanding and sanding…) her son’s original nursery dresser, stenciling on some ordinal numbers, and applying a couple coats of glaze mixed with […Read More]

Layered Wood Grain Mirror

Colleen from Red Door Abode turned a particle board dresser mirror into a stylish framed mirror for her son’s big boy room. After stripping her Craigslist mirror of the top and bottom molding, Colleen (with her sweet hubby’s assistance) layered scrap wood pieces around the mirror to add depth. I love the rustic look she […Read More]

Quatrefoil Monogrammed Doormat

Terra from Mama Says Sew created her own personalized doormat by making a stencil from freezer paper. She even drew her own quatrefoil design to add a little something extra. Once the stencil is complete, simply iron it on, add a little paint, patiently wait for it to dry (probably the hardest part), and finally […Read More]

Faux Potted Plants with Faux Dirt

Maven from DIY Maven created her own faux potted plants complete with faux dirt and all! To make her dirt she simply mixed some sawdust with black paint. She then glued some styrofoam into the bottom of a small terra cotta saucer and added her artificial stems. After mixing her faux dirt with some glue, […Read More]