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16 Creative Ways to Decorate with Sticks and Twigs


Autumn is beautiful, with it’s colorful leaves, bright blue skies, and crisp air. But when fall is gone, the season of winter is here!

To be truthful, winter is not my favorite season of the year – I love sunshine and warm weather way too much.

But there is something captivating about trees that are dormant, bare, mere trunk and branches.

So this year I decided to take full advantage of the season and put those sticks and twigs to good use (inside of my warm home, of course!).

Here are some of my favorite ideas to decorate  your cozy, warm home with bare twigs!

1. Candle Holders and 2. Flower Pots

Cold weather means it’s candle burning season in my house. Even my husband starts to ask for candles when there is a chill in the air.

I love the idea of attaching tiny sticks to my plain glass candle holders.

And my windowsills are lined with pots that need to be nurtured indoors during the Winter.

Not only would sticks look pretty surrounding the pot, but I feel like my plants will appreciate being near to other organic elements!

sticks and twigs

candle from diaryofasleeplessmind, flower pot from ninimakes

3. Twig Coat Hooks

This idea is brilliant! Sturdy sticks have funky angles and lots of branches that form the perfect shape for a coat hook.

Not to mention, they are free!

Keep bare, stain, or paint for a look to match your house. In my home, the sticks would be painted a bright yellow to match my laundry room.

4. Mini Photo Easels and 5. Twig Picture Frame

I have a basket of old picture frames that aren’t really my style…but I don’t get rid of them because I love photos too much.

Attaching little twigs to the frame is a great idea that will hide the ugly colors beneath. Plus, it adds a little bit of a cabin-feel to my living room.

These mini easels do the same kind of thing. Easy to make and adorable to display.

I bet your family would love to receive this as a gift along with your child’s school pictures or your yearly family photo!

sticks and twigs

easel from journeycreativity, frame from hgtv

6. Outdoor Deer and 7. Deer Head

Every Christmas I see my neighbors decorate their yard with these precious little deer.

I’ve always envied them, but also knew I couldn’t afford to buy them. Now I know that I can create them on my own for FREE!

I have plenty of branches and sticks from my own backyard that can be used to create these adorable animals. I can even imagine them lit up with Christmas lights!

And this twig deer head would be a great gift for every hunter, animal lover, outdoor enthusiast that you know!

sticks and twigs deer

outdoor deer from knockoffdecor, deer head from knockoffdecor

8. Twig Ornament

Ornaments are for more than just a Christmas tree: door handles, coat racks, shelf brackets, the switch of a lamp, or even simply nailed on the wall.

Personalize an ornament to your liking with 2 basic materials, sticks and yarn. Arrange in a pattern, like a letter or shape, and wrap with yarn in the color of your choice.

This is an excellent craft for your kids to help with!

9, 10, 11, 12. Wreaths

I fully believe that you can have a wreath for every single season or special day. And I also think that wreaths are made for more than just your front door!

Get out your hot glue gun and prepare to create a stick wreath in a traditional circular shape, as a snowflake, a star, or even a peace sign.

Spruce up with red berries, fake snow, glitter, or spray paint!


wreath from handmadecharlotte, snowflake from knockoffdecor, star from knockoffdecor, peace from knockoffdecor

13. Twig Lampshade and 14. Stick Chandelier

This twig lampshade would blend perfectly next to a twig picture frame!

As long as you have the lampshade rings for a shape, this DIY is easy yet completely transforms the look of your lamp!

The same applies for this stick chandelier, which would flavor any screen porch or deck with organic decor elements.

lamp from shabbycreekcottage, chandelier from craftybutt

15. Stick Side Table and 16. Twig Coffee Table

Have some spare logs? These are the projects for you.

Arrange them vertically and cut to an even height. Attach them together with wood glue, or wrap them with twine.

If you have an abundance of logs (like after you cut down a tree!), try stacking them horizontally.

The cut side looks neat and you can line the top with a piece of glass. This offers a study place to sit or a great coffee table.

sticks and twigs

left from seeingdesign, right from stylefiles


Although it’s cold, bundle up and go hunting for some sticks! Bring along your kids and dog (and maybe a wagon to haul home your load).

Small twigs, sturdy branches, and hefty logs can all be transformed into organic elements for your home.

I am already looking forward to upgrading one of my lampshades and picture frames! What projects do you enjoy using sticks and twigs?

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