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15 Festive DIY Christmas Gift Toppers

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Sometimes wrapping presents feels like a chore. The dozens of rolls of wrapping paper. Unraveling spools of ribbons. Bows strewn all over the place. Tape sticking to the pile of paper scraps. And lost scissors amid the wrapping chaos.

Wouldn’t it be nice to branch out from basic ribbons and bows?

Experiment with these festive DIY Christmas gift toppers! Easy to make and memorable to receive! Plus, your beautiful Christmas tree will look even better with these well-wrapped gifts beneath it’s branches!

1. Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Washi tape comes in every color, pattern, and design you can imagine! The blend of patterns and colors form this mismatched tree, plus a few stickers add the ornaments and star. I would love to receive a gift topped with this!

2. String of Lights

Twine and mini light bulbs will light up the face of everyone who sees this gift wrap! Simple and fun, these mini lights are easy to craft and wrap around any size gift.

3. Thread Trees

Grab some thread or thin string. Go on a hunt for small twigs (which shouldn’t be too difficult to do during Winter!). Wrap your thread around your twigs to create a simple, rustic Christmas tree topper for your holiday presents.

4. Stickers

Why not print off adorable stickers to cover up your gifts?! Create your own, or download these for a fun, clean twist to traditional Christmas wrapping.

5. Greenery

Snatch some greenery from your yard, like boxwood or evergreen. Arrange on your packages in wreaths or lines.

The serene green colors mixed with the woody bark share the Winter cheer! Plus, don’t these look beautiful enough to display beneath your tree?

6. Buttons

If you’re like me, then you have loads of buttons piled up somewhere (which happens to be a plastic bag in my linen closet!).

I always think I’ll need them, and never do! This year I may experiment with them on my gift wrap.

A dress shirt, reindeer, or Christmas tree are easy yet festive gift wrap styles!

7. Santa Suit

All you need is red, white, and black wrapping (or construction) paper. It’s quick and fun to wrap a box like a Santa suit. The kids and grown ups will smile at this holiday wrapping!

from ehow

from ehow

8. Ornaments

The dollar store is the perfect place to pick up a package of mini ornaments. And the perfect place to attach those mini ornaments is on the ribbon of your Christmas gifts!

from olderandwiser

from olderandwiser

9. Giant Bows

Although gift toppers are fun to creatively design, what’s wrong with a traditional bow? Nothing! Try out a giant bow, like this one.

from cupcakesandcrinoline

from cupcakesandcrinoline

10. 3D Paper Designs

Calling all crafters! Pull our your favorite craft paper and get ready for some intricate and stunning designs!

Curly-qs, bows, trees, garland, and more! I can’t wait to try out these tutorials and see my handiwork displayed beneath my tree!

from brit+co

from brit+co

11. Coffee Filter Pom Poms

Who knew that coffee filters had so many uses! As a kid, I did countless crafts with these things.

And the crafting is still taking place, because they make a fantastic pom pom gift topper!

12. Animal Cutouts

These are just too adorable! I think that my nieces and nephews may like these tags better than their gift (not even kidding!)

The best part is that you don’t have to create these on your own…liagriffith offers a free printable!

13. Paper Snowflakes

As a child, I bet you made a paper snowflake or 2. Pull out your inner child and have fun designing more unique snowflakes for your Christmas packages!

14. Cupcake Liners and Doilies

I have a slight obsession with cupcake liners. What can I say, they come in so many cute and seasonal patterns that I can’t resist!

And now I have another great reason to expand my collection: gift wrap! Curled together they make a pom pom (adorable!). Add in paper doilies for a vintage and charming look.

15. Crayons and White Paper

Usually kids rip off the wrapping paper in order to see what inside. However, white paper and crayons allows the magic of Christmas to last just a few seconds (or minutes) longer.


What are your favorite gift toppers? Do you stick with traditional bows, or natural elements like pinecones, or DIY paper tags? Imagine how beautiful your gifts will look under your lit Christmas tree topped with these festive designs!

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