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15 Fabulous Pieces of DIY Steel Furniture

steel furniture

Cold, hard steel. There is something rough and strong about it, yet it softens a room with sheen, charm, and endurance. Steel may feel modern and industrial, but I challenge you to see beyond that paradigm. It actually pairs amazing with stained wood, looks great in different metal tones, and can be featured in any room of your home. Check it out below!


Throughout Your Home

An eclectic vintage steel cabinet can be repolished to fit into a rustic living room or a little boy’s bedroom. Although this wood and steel workbench was created for a garage, I actually think it would make a really cool desk! I can see a laptop on the top, with a printer on the side and books stacked on the upper shelf. Best of all, you could configure it to your design preferences. (And you would never have to worry about a rickety desk!). Even a plain of sheet of steel makes an amazing (and simple) magnetic calendar that will stand out on your walls!

Steel and Wood Console Tables

The best combination of steel and wood can probably be seen in console tables and bookshelves. The steel corner brackets, steel piping shelf backs, steel baskets, and steel wheels crafts a magnificent combination in these DIY steel pieces! (Be sure to click through on the links in the caption below to get the DIY building plans!)

Steel and Wood Coffee Tables

Need a study coffee table to withstand climbing kids, grandpa’s reclined feet, your magazine obsession, a dozen coffee cups, or your growing collection of remote controls? Look no further! Wood and steel are sturdy yet classy, strong yet fashionable, and friendly for kids/grandpas/magazines/coffee/and remote controls! (P.S. Adding wheels to the bottom means you can even avoid that list of things by rolling it out of the living room!)

Steel and Wood Shelving

Similar to console tables, steel and woods combines into a beautiful bookshelf! The steel brackets, shelf backing of pipes, and wheels. Don’t need a whole book shelf? Use those pipes as brackets for stained shelves! Sets of one, two, or three fill up a wall perfectly with style and shimmer.


Other Steel Decor

Still want more steel decor? How about a heft bed frame made of steel bars? Add in slats of wood to warm up the cold steel, or opt for additional cross bars of steel for the more modern style. And lastly, don’t overlook cool and funky steel light fixtures!


Does your home have any steel decor? We’d love to see photos of your fun uses for steel piping and bars. Show off your designs of console or coffee tables, cabinets or shelving. We would love to feature your DIY Steel Furniture!

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