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15 Egg-cellent Spring Decorations

The birds are chirping. The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. Spring is here!

Pastel colored flowers, Easter eggs, fluffy white bunnies, and carrots are popping up all over the place. Jump into the season by decorating your home for Easter!

Eggs are a fantastic representation of all things Easter.

They’re easy to find (in plastic, glass, or wood). They’re delicate and simple. They’re perfect for every kind of design style. What are you waiting for?

Let’s explore the egg-cellent options for easter egg spring decor!


1. Bird’s Next Napkin Ring

If you follow Knock Off Decor, then you know that we’ve featured these beautiful napkin rings before. The organic elements of the speckled eggs, soft greenery, and tough wood combine for the ultimate spring napkin ring.

2. Bird’s Nest Place Card Holders

Just like the napkin rings, these little beauties are adorable! I love the soft teal eggs, but you could paint them to coordinate your tablescape.

easter egg

bird’s nest place card holders

3. Glittery Easter Egg Garland

The first time that I saw this garland, I couldn’t help but smile! The pastel eggs with little ribbon bows and mini clothespins had me at hello.

The colors stand out against the mantle, but would even look good against a colored wall, on a window, or above a headboard.

4. Shabby Chic Easter Egg Garland

Think 3D eggs are too complicated? Opt for flat, paper eggs. Pick the color (or pattern!) of your choice, sew together, and ta-da. You have yourself a Spring easter egg garland!

5. Easter Egg Topiary

Mossy green and faint pastels were created to be together. These topiary trees are soft and stylish, with the perfect hint of color and nature. And the best part is that they are simple to craft!

6. Easter Egg Tree

These project is a great one to do with your kids or grandchildren. Go hunting for sticks or tree limbs in your garden.

Then, take some time to decorate Easter eggs. (Washi tape is perfect for plastic eggs!).

Add some ribbon or string, and hang from your mini tree. This is sure to brighten up a dining table or foyer for the season!

7. Wire Basket With Easter Eggs and Flowers

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been in love in small white flowers. They accent the dyed Easter eggs with such delicate fashion!

And I can imagine the possibilities of various sizes of wire baskets combined with the eggs and flowers. How lovely!

easter egg

easter egg floral wire basket

8. Glass Jar with Easter Eggs and Flowers

Similar to the last photo of a wire basket, this glass jar of eggs and bright pink flowers is the perfect way to cheer up your home for Easter!

9. Green Easter Egg & Spring Wreath

Can you believe that these eggs are from the Dollar Store? Me neither! Instead of typical eggs, these are small and crisp white, which makes a great contrast to the fresh greenery.

10. Twig and Easter Egg Wreath

Winter is over. And Winter leaves behind many sticks and twigs on the ground. Collect them up and fashion together a wide wreath. Line the inside with mini, colorful eggs. It makes a wreath with the perfect balance for those chilly yet sunny days in-between Winter and Spring!

easter egg

twig and easter egg spring wreath

11. Cake Stand with Bird’s Nest

Go ahead at stare at that photo for another 5 seconds. It’s okay, I did the same thing! What a perfect idea – cake pedestal meets bird’s nest. The cream ceramic contrasts the dark sticks yet complements the softly colored eggs. Your table would look great with the centerpiece!

easter egg

cake pedestal with a nest of eggs

12. Painted Easter Eggs

Who said that eggs have to be plain and simple? Grab a paint pen (or a Sharpie!) and get to work. Let your creative juices flow, and I’m sure you’ll end up with a batch of amazingly decorated eggs!

easter egg

painted easter eggs

13. Silver Egg Stands

Candle pedestals work for more than just candles…they look great with eggs as well! If you use wooden eggs, you can paint or stain them to match your candlestick, or mix it up for more expressive colors. Either way, these are a must-have for every Spring mantle.

easter egg

silver egg stands

14. SPRING Eggs on Springs

The designer of these eggs is a genius! Spring eggs on a spring – what a fun play on words! You can make these, too, with a simple Sharpie pen. Yep, color the eggs and use a pen. The end.

15. Easter Words

And lastly, remember the reason for Easter. Take those words which hold significant meaning and write them on eggs. Sometimes the simplest things can hold the most power.

easter egg

easter words painted on eggs

How do you decorate your home for Easter? Eggs are one of my favorite ways, but so are little bunnies, tiny chicks, and carrots.

Share your ideas with us, we’d love to feature your designs on Knock Off Decor!

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