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12 DIY Doors That You Can Make Today

Doors mark a welcome entry into your home, and a bring cozy send-off as visitors leave your house.

They offer privacy to your serene bedroom retreat, and separation one children’s room from another.

They hide our cluttered closets, and sometimes reveal a sliver of sunshine. Screen doors allow a cool breeze to flow in, and half door keeps babies and dogs out of harm’s way.

Doors come in every shape and size. Best of all, you can DIY create a door for your specific needs.

Have a narrow pantry? Craft a slim door! Want to cover up the wide doorway to your office? Sliding doors could be an excellent solution! Want to replace a boring standard door with twin double doors? Not a problem to make yourself!

Follow along below as we look at our favorite DIY doors for all of your needs.

1. Pair of Rustic Barn Doors

These doors are absolutely beautiful. The deep stain feels old and comforting, while the hardware offers a modern and industrial sense.

They are wide and sturdy and could match almost any design. Simple, easy, stunning. What are you waiting for?

2. Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Closet doors can be boring and monotonous. Replace those standard white doors with over-sized sliding panels.

And upper track and lower wheels make these large doors a simple project with a big impact.

3. Modern Sliding Barn Door

White doors are a staple in today’s houses. Maybe you like your white doors, but want a little bit of flare?

Then this modern sliding barn door is the best next project for you. Not too out-there, but not too standard either.

4. Double Pantry Barn Doors

If your house is anything like mine, then your pantry door is one of the most used doors in your home.

Often I look at mine with disappointment as I once again wipe down the soiled white door.

This double barn door may be the best solution for me. I love double doors because they seem so practical and cute.

But the stained wood will hide the daily use better than my current white one. This DIY is added to my to-do list!

5. Barn Door Inspired Baby Gate

Parents of little ones (kids or dogs!) – I added this DIY specifically for you.

It’s important to keep your babies safe, which sometimes means that dangerous areas are off-limits.

Rather than use a plastic baby gate, add a wooden barn door styled one for the ultimate fashionable design.

6. Wooden Pantry Door

I know we already showed one DIY set of double pantry doors. But this is a single door, and offers ultimate flexibility.

I appreciate how this model can fit any width of your pantry! Plus, it looks excellent, too.

7. DIY Shaker Door

Maybe your home came with basic white doors that have no panels, and you’re not loving it.

Rather than a tedious task to measure and order specific replacement doors, add your own paneling.

This excellent DIY shows you various options for a shaker style door (with measurements included!). Trust me, this will change the entire look of your home.

8. Sliding Glass & Wood Double Barn Door

Every hallway will look better with one of these doors! Frosted glass with honey-toned wood and large hardware look elegantly aged yet brand new at the same time.

9. Dutch Barn Door

Dutch doors are so cool! (Come on…you know that you agree!). Barn doors are super popular right now, so why not combine a barn door style with a neat dutch design.

Your neighbors will be envious – so get started on this fun DIY today.

10. Updated Closet Doors

Once again, closet doors can be boring and basic.

But adding a simple panel around the handle and a nice coat of colorful paint makes your closet cool.

11. Tin Closet Door

If you follow us on Knock Off Decor, then you know how I have a thing for corrugated tin. So naturally, I think this closet door is awesome.

Knowing that it’s a simple DIY project makes it even more inspiring.

diy doors

sliding tin closet door

12. Sliding Shutter Doors

Shutters aren’t just for outside. They can be amazing doors inside of your home, too.

New or old, you can design these to match any style.


DIY doors may feel like an overwhelming task. But it’s easier than you think!

First, take some simple measurements for the height, width, and depth of your doorway.

If you have an existing door, it’s easiest to measure the door rather than the door frame. Follow your DIY plan for your new door. Use sturdy hardware to hang the door.

Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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