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11 Perfectly Pretty Painted Curtains

painted curtains

For window coverings, blinds are the classic functional cover-up for your windows. They help block light, heat and of course provide privacy.

Practicality aside though, they aren’t always the prettiest to look at…vertical OR horizontal. Enter, curtains.

Curtains add so much to the dimension, colors, and textures of a room and your home overall. That we know…

We also know that attractive curtains cost more money too.

The good news is they don’t have to when you consider the many DIY options to enhance and augment how they look.

Maybe you’re extra crafty and can sew your own curtains. But for those of you who stay far away from needle and thread, this DIY is for you: painted curtains.

That’s right, you can paint a plain curtain panel (or drop cloth) to make it fashion savvy and design ready.

Who knew window treatments could be as simple as fabric, a paint brush, and a stencil or painter’s tape?

1. Stenciled Mini Arrow Curtains

Arrows have been trending for awhile now.

I can’t imagine having to paint each individual arrow, but you don’t have to worry about your painting skills. These lovelies come in stencil format!

Spruce up a plain curtain panel with whimsical arrows in all directions and an array of colors.

painted curtains

stenciled arrow curtains

2. Stenciled Lace Curtains

Lace has always fascinated me. It works in some many things, from table cloths to wedding gowns.

It’s intricate details are delicate yet the overall pattern can be so bold.

Find lace that you love, lay it over a plan curtain panel, and paint.

Remove the lace and ta-da, lace curtain panels that don’t let the light shine through.

3. Quatrefoil Fabric Marker Curtains

This next one is also fascinating – these dainty curtains are hand drawn!

Well, they were actually stenciled with fabric markers. But still, there is no paint involved.

The black and white color scheme is classic, but these would look just as nice in teal, yellow, or any pastel color.

I’m sold on this simple project that looks like it’s straight from a designer catalog.

4. Stenciled Damask Curtains

I remember the day that I was a little girl and saw a beautiful black and white chair. I told my mom that I really like it and she taught me that the fabric pattern was damask.

Since then, I’ve been a lover of black and white damask, which includes these curtains!

Similar to the last design, these are created on a white curtain panel or drop cloth with a stencil.

Who knew that creating high end curtains could be so easy!

5. Stenciled Modern Gray Curtains

I know that stencils are nice to create the perfect pattern, but not everyone has a Type-A design style.

No worries, go wild with your paint brush or strips of tape.

You inevitably can’t go wrong with a fun pattern since the busy-ness will hide any mess-ups.

6. Green Stenciled Curtains

Have you seen enough patterns yet? If not, here’s another painted curtain for inspiration.

Again, a simple stencil pattern creates a lovely statement around your windows!

painted curtains

green stenciled curtains

7. Stenciled Jumbo Arrow Curtains

I already showed you a mini arrow curtain, which could be duplicated with any sort of shape: butterflies for a little girl’s room or tonka trucks for a boy, even leaves for a living room.

But these particular panels boast large arrows that are super fun!

It adds height to the space with vertical lines and playfulness with the arrow tails and color blocking.

Bonus: you only have to lay the tape on the panels and paint over it. No duplicating of stencils required!

painted curtains

stenciled yellow arrow curtains

8. Gold Leaf Embellished Curtains

Gold is fancy, always. So spice up some simple curtains with gold embellishments that really shine.

At first, I assumed this project would be really difficult, but this tutorial is so simple that it’s definitely worth your time!

Besides, you know this will look stunning in your house, right?

9. Horizontal Striped Gray Curtains

Pick a color. Tape out stripes. Paint. Hang.

These horizontal stripes are fun yet blend well, and a super easy project, too!

10. Navy Horizontal Striped Curtains

Yep, just like the last one, these are horizontal striped curtains. Except these are more like sheer panels.

And they still look pretty darn awesome.

11. Mini-Striped Painted Curtains

Have you realized how great striped curtain panels look yet?

They are fun, but if you want a little bit more classic look then consider opting for this design, with simple horizontal stripes along the bottom of the panels.

Vary the thickness for a bold look, or try the stripes on the top instead.

I think you will be pleased with how easy and sophisticated these look!

Curtains can really pull a room together with colors, patterns, and warmth.

But they could definitely increase your budget. Skip the expensive purchase of luxurious curtains and spring for a quick DIY project.

A plain colored panel, or even drop cloths, do the trick. Grab paint, stencils, and tape, then map out your design.

After only a few hours, your new curtains will look like they’re from your favorite catalog!

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Friday 28th of July 2017

Among those 11 perfectly preety painted curtains, i like most is mini arrow curtain. Those whimsical arrows in all directions and an array of colors.This is perfect for summer.Now,autumn is coming and i prepare to buy curtains again and i have seen this article TOP IDEAS FOR MAKE YOUR LIVING ROOM PERFECT FOR FALL. I learned it a lot and hope this could be useful for u also.

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