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10 Unique and Creative Nightstand alternatives!


Without a doubt, Bedside tables are the most neglected part of a bedroom. If they aren’t covered in a layer of dust or last night’s dinner sauce, they are littered with piles of paper or bits and bobs that don’t really have a home in a bedroom.

Lots of people change out their bedroom decor but fail to touch their tables. If you are thinking of giving your room an overhaul and your bed a new spacemate, here are some clever bedside table alternatives for you to consider!


Chest of drawers/ Bookcase


This might seem like an obvious choice, but a tall chest of drawers or a long bookcase beside your bedside table instantly solves any issues with tabletop clutter. While it is a better idea to organise your drawers, a chest of drawers provides the quickest way to clear up your space. Finish with a tall lamp and you are good to go.


bar cart

If you like to reshuffle your bedroom furniture,a trolley might be your best option. Try painting your trolley of choice in the colours of your room. If you need extra storage space, hanging door hooks off the side of the trolley shelves will provide solutions for items such as chargers or jewellery items.

Vanity Boxes/ Chest


Got any pretty chests or storage boxes lying around? Use them as a stand for your night lamp! Not only are these study and mostly flat, their bold design will add character to any bedroom. Don’t forget to make the most of the storage option, though, due to the fact they will be stacked on top of each other, piles of paperwork or linen would be the most appropriate choice.

Wall cabinets

wall cabinet

If your room is on the narrow side and lacks space for an extra table, consider installing a cabinet on the wall. As long as you have sufficient wall space, you can consider an style, shape or space of storage! Small single cabinets or one large one would do the trick! For a quick makeover, consider changing the cabinet knob for something a bit more quirky or bright!

Pile of books/ magazines


This is the perfect DIY nightstand option. Not only is it free if you happen to have a great mound of precious books lying about, it also instantly tidies up clutter! Try to use sturdy hardcover books with interesting designs, or showcase your extensive fashion or motoring magazine collection for a sleeker finish.



Ladders work like shelves and although they provide thin ledges, they are great options for single or box bedrooms with limited floor space. A room with a country or rustic theme would benefit from this bedside trick, because old, worn wooden ladders work better for this! Add a single bulb like the setup above for a lighting option.

Metal Cube


However, if the room of choice has chosen a more modern theme, especially with elements of silver, a metal futuristic cube like this would be a great choice. Using mirrored furniture instantly makes any space look bigger- just make sure to keep the surfaces polished!



Haven’t got space for a desk? An old student trick is to use a chair as a bedside table- you can pile study materials and a lamp on the seat at night and dismantle it in the morning and use as a sitting study desk by day!

Frame Ledge

frame ledge

A pretty and impressive alternative to a stand alone surface is a small surface fixed to the wall. This wall mounted shelf is ideal for  people who like to keep their bedside table top clean- it isn’t exactly the biggest space!

DIY Vinyl Stool Table


The last idea is the best take on a bedside table yet! If you have an old vinyl records lying around, why not re-purpose it and attach it to a cheap stool to make a mini retro table? Add a splash of colour to the centre ( the brighter, the better) and you have an incredibly unique way to display your bedside tidbits.



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