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10 Beautiful Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are so trendy right now, and I pretty much want them in every room in my house. They are just about the perfect shelf to hold art prints, miniature flower pots, or trinkets. If you make them strong enough, they can even hold your whole book collection on their perfect little shelves.

#10 Floating Picture Ledge

Are you ready to give up your gallery wall for something much more modern and fabulous? Take those frames off your wall and put them on a beautiful floating shelf with this tutorial from Home Made by Carmona. The shelves have a little ledge at the front so the frames won’t slide off and bonk you on the head while you enjoy a little bit of couch time.

#9 Open Floorplan Floating Shelves

An open floorplan can be amazing for giving you a large living space that doesn’t feel choppy or stuffy, but can give a struggle when it comes to personalizing your space. Corey from Hey There Home built a set of floating shelves to break up the space a little bit and to display her art and knick knacks. It gives a little bit of personality to the space, don’t you think?

#8 Gallery Wall Floating Shelves

Similar to the floating picture ledges shown above, this set of shelves from Simply Designing is designed to hold picture frames for a modern take on a gallery wall. The shelves will hold more than just picture frames, and will hold frames that aren’t designed to be hung on a wall. Add a little plant or a trinket or two to fill everything out, you’ll love the look.

#7 Dining Room Floating Shelves

The famous plan-maker Ana White met up with John and Sherry from Young House Love to make this tutorial for some awesome floating shelves. She designed a shelf frame to provide the strength and structure with a trim made of plywood for that floating look. They will be strong enough to hold glassware, plates, jars, anything you might need in your dining room!

#6 Kid’s Floating Bookshelf

If you have a little nook in your home that looks like it might be a good reading space, make it a book nook plus book shelf with some cute floating shelves! April at Uncookie Cutter made some solid and sturdy shelves to hold the weight of little hands and tons of books. Luckily her nook was more of a corner, so three walls on both sides means very strong floating shelves.

#5 Triangle Corner Floating Shelves

For those rooms that are designed just a little bit weird, you will find cut-outs, random nooks, corners, etc. If you don’t have a giant fake plant to put in those strange little corners they can feel like unused territory. Michelle from 4 Men 1 Lady decided to put that little nook to use with some corner shelves. Since the nook was right next to the door, she made them triangle shaped to keep them safe from being knocked off the wall by slamming doors.

#4 Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

These shelves are narrow, perfect for that space in your kitchen that you just aren’t quite sure what to do with. Dani from Drafts and Crafts made these shelves from a single piece of recycled cedar attached to lag bolts drilled into wall studs. The thick wood is sturdy enough to hold vases and glassware, perfect for your kitchen or dining room.

#3 Laundry Room Floating Shelves

Many laundry rooms, especially in condos or track homes, are designed with ugly wire shelves above the washer and dryer. While they may be functional, they are usually pretty dang ugly. Since the space is so large, Jen from The House of Wood had her work cut out for her to make functional and sturdy floating shelves. The end result is both beautiful and functional- win-win!

#2 Book Floating Shelf

This super cute floating bookshelf is made with an actual book and an L-bracket. While it may not be super strong, (meaning, I wouldn’t stack the books any higher than this photo shows) it is super cute and great for a child’s room to display all of their favorite books.

#1 Live Edge Kitchen Floating Shelves

These shelves are hands-down the most beautiful shelves on this list. The live edge of the alder wood is truly gorgeous. These shelves took the place of clunky kitchen cabinets in Rachel’s kitchen from DIY in PDX. The end result is clean and beautiful, and she can display all of her favorite kitchenware. The trick? Floating shelf brackets. Thats all!

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