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10 Amazing Backyard Kitchens

With the warm summer nights come the hot summer days. And while we do our best try to keep our homes as cool as possible, cooking outside may be a wonderful alternative to heating up our homes with our kitchen ovens. These backyard kitchens are all gorgeous and look as though they could be easily constructed using a variety of recycled and discount materials.


1. Pool-side Pizza Kitchen

Enjoy a delicious slice of pizza while you rest beside the pool with this Italian-inspired, authentic wood fired-pizza oven.

2. Rooftop Kitchen

Make use of the space above your garage or roof by building an open-aired kitchen like the one on top of this building in Chicago.

3. Southern California

While it may not be practical for you to build a patio kitchen like the one here, you still may find some inspiration for your own patio.

4. Luxurious Sports Bar Kitchen

If you live in an area that stays dry most of the time, then you may want to add a few additional amenities to your kitchen space, such as a television and ceiling fans.

5. Vertical Space Kitchen

If you feel like you don’t have enough space to build an outdoor kitchen, then think again. Perhaps you could fit a patio and cooking area between your house and garage, or in corner of your yard.

6. Condo Patio Kitchen

Even if you live in a condo or an apartment, you might still be able to find space on a terrace or patio for your own little kitchen paradise.

7. Backyard Patio Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be just for eating. Set out some cozy outdoor furniture and add your own decorating touch to make the space both liveable and enjoyable.

8. Fancy Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen like this one offers plenty of seating for both intimate gatherings and private dining beneath the stars.

9. Farmhouse Style

This cozy farm-inspired kitchen combines simplistic beauty with practical functionality to provide the perfect outdoor kitchen.

10. Poolside Covered Kitchen

This magical pool-side kitchen is perfect for throwing the best backyard parties.

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